Mysteries Of The Church: The Afterlife

This is an interesting video, produced in conjunction with the Diocese of Brooklyn, about what we believe about the afterlife.  It is well-produced and visually appealing.  It also taught me something and might offer you some new insight.  There are many more of these so we will be seeing more in the future.

Three things surprised me.  The first was the explanation of Hell.  The announcer states what I always thought we Catholics believed about Hell and then affirmatively states that that is untrue.  She then backs it up with ecclesial authority from the Diocese of Brooklyn.  I still wonder, though.

Second, the affirmation that “Heaven” is wherever God is struck me.  Not so much because it is surprising, but because I just stumbled across a meditation from St. Teresa of Avila, who made the same assertion.  There are no coincidences, but that was spooky.

Finally, the explanation of what we believe about purgatory was excellent, i.e., it made perfect sense.

The video is copyright 2010 Trans Video Communications.