The Rev. Thomas Morrow from St. Catherine Laboure put together three spiritual reading plans. This is the beginner’s plan. The original list can be found on Fr. Peffley’s website (of course!). Here’s the list (links coming soon):

1. Our Lady of Fatima, by William Thomas Walsh; and The Sun Danced at Fatima, by
Joseph A. Pelletier, both Image Books. The most fascinating books ever written about
these apparitions of Mary in 1917 to three small children in Portugal.

2. The Autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux, John Beavers. Image. Good
translation. A classic.

3. St. Anthony, the Wonder-Worker of Padua, by C. Stoddard, TAN Books. Brief but
inspiring, on a brilliant, but humble saint.

4. A Woman Clothed with the Sun, by John Delaney, Image Books. Brief summaries of
eight appearances by the Blessed Mother.

5. Treasure In Clay, autobiography of Fulton J. Sheen, Doubleday. Fascinating account
of This famous, holy priest and bishop, the “TV Priest.”

6. Wife, Mother and Mystic by Albert Bessieres, S.J. Extraordinary Story of Bl. Anna-
Maria Taigi (1769 – 1837), who was just what the book title says.

7. The Wonder of Guadalupe by Francis Johnston, TAN Books. Story of Our Lady’s
apparition to a simple Mexican Indian, and her miraculous gift of her image on his cloak.

8. Francis, the Journey and the Dream, by Murray Bodo, OFM, St. Anthony Messenger
Press. Brief account of this most popular saint.

9. Prison to Praise by Merlin Carothers. Fascinating account of how this Methodist
minister turned his life around by praising God always, even in apparent disasters,
trusting that “All things work out unto good for those who love God” (Romans 8:28)

10. A Man of Faith, by Jeanne Gosselin Arnold. Family Theater, Inc. The story of Fr.
Patrick Peyton, world-famous promoter of the rosary.

11. Padre Pio, by Fr. Carty, TAN Books. Biography of the stigmatist who died in 1968.

12. Eucharistic Miracles by Joan Carroll Cruz, TAN. If you want to deepen your love and
reverence for the Eucharist, this is the book to read.

13. The Cure d’ Ars by Francis Trochu, TAN Books. Best account of this delightful
humble priest.


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  1. The complete list can be found at Rev Thomas Morrow’s website:

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