Over the weekend, I came across a new website that you should check out.  It’s called  It consists of 302 questions about the faith.  The official answer is provided by a priest.  For adults, there is a short video explanation of each by Francis Cardinal Arinze.  For kids, there is a short video explanation from Sr. John Marie Vianney.  In addition, there are links to excerpts from official teaching documents discussing an aspect of the question.  These are generally well-selected. Finally, there is a section with questions linking the doctrinal point to worship and living and finally a section of questions of ponder.

This description does not do justice to the visually pleasing presentation and ease of use.  The only part that mars the site is that the person interviewing Cardinal Arinze is not a professional interviewer and tends toward doom and gloom Catholicism.  Cardinal Arinze’s remarks can and should be taken on their own so the quality of the interview is less important.  One other point.  At the beginning, Cardinal Arinze reads the answers and provides little fresh insight beyond the answers.  This changes later on when the questions become less foundational.

Overall, this is a good resource for personal or family study.  Check it out here.


Another Great Catholic Website!

Although humbly titled, the Home Page of Fr. Gary Coulter offers a wide variety of interesting Catholic resources.  Fr. Coulter brings together resources on marriage, learning Latin, book recommendations, movie reviews, and much more.  Dipping into the marriage resources, I saw an impressive variety.  Some were directed toward the engaged; some toward the already married; some toward those in troubled marriages.  Other resources were more theological in their approach.  For example, Fr. Coulter provides the major teachings on marriage from 20th Century Popes.  And that is what is found under just one tab!

Who would be the most interested in this website?  The people who would be most interested are those who know the basics and are looking for more.  Its resources offer an opportunity for greater human, spiritual, and intellectual formation without the risk of slipping into unorthodox or too highly specialized material.  Check it out!

Catholic Boot Camp: Good Website For Getting To Know The Catholic Faith

A friend of the St. Francis Men of Emmaus passed this along:

Check out this web site. Its easy to read but has lots of links to further deepen our knowledge of the Faith. Great tool for exploring with your children.

The website is called  It is easy to read and to navigate.  It is designed for people thinking about becoming Catholic and answers a lot of the basic questions, but would appear to be good for a refresher course.


“To Be Born” Trailer

This is a trailer for a short film that will be released later in 2011.  The trailer lasts 49 seconds. . . .

The studio offered this background on the film’s website:

The film is based off a story called “A Letter from an Aborted Child,” which had been used for nearly 10 years by Father Stephen Lesniewski for use to show women in a time of indecision. He estimates that over 500 babies have been saved because of his efforts in utilizing the aforementioned piece. Upon its’ great success, Fr. Stephen decided to have a film produced with the hope that the overall message would reach an even larger audience.

The trailer and the summary are (c) Spirit Juice Studios.

Catholic Boot Camp: Eucharistic Adoration

A long time ago I went to a Third Day/Michael W. Smith concert. Between acts, the preacher Max Lucado spoke. He took as his text Moses’ encounter with God in which God promised Moses anything. Moses had one request — “Show me your glory.” I remember hearing that and instantly picturing a monstrance with Christ present and his glory streaming forth. Everyone else in our group pictured something similar.

Eucharistic adoration is straightforward. A consecrated Host is placed in a monstrance. A monstrance is a specially designed holder for displaying and reverencing the Christ really present in the Eucharist. (You will see several monstrances in the video.) Once the Host is displayed, we reverence it for an hour. Why one hour? Because we are answering Jesus’ question to Peter — “Couldn’t you men keep watch with me for one hour?” — with an enthusiastic yes.  So what do you do? Nothing except worship your God.  Nothing except encounter His love.  Nothing except pour your heart to Him.  Nothing except love Him.   Why? Because Jesus is waiting for you. . . .

(c) Jeff Lloyd; song: (c) Mercy Me

If You Want To “Stay Catholic,” Here Is The Website For You

Staying Catholic is not easy; coming back once you’ve left is not easy either. Although the Church is quite welcoming, where do you get good, solid information about your faith. Although your pastor would be happy to help, he’s only one and he’s not likely to be too happy to chat about that burning issue at 3:22 A.M., when you just have to know…. Well, your answers are at

This site would be most interesting to Catholics who are either new to the faith — converts or reverts as they say or anyone who is in a period of exploration. What does the Church really say? It would be helpful to Evangelicals concerned about the Catholic doctrines that seem un-biblical because it provides a doctrinal concordance between Scripture and Catholic teaching.