The Catholic Heart Work Camp Experience – Day 1

In a previous post, I mentioned the Benedictine motto “ora et labora” — pray and labor. For CHWC, the motto would be slightly different, “pray, play, and labor.” CHWC, run by on-site staff and headquarters staff in Orlando, has perfected the art of getting teens excited by Christ. Sometimes we played; sometimes we prayed; and sometimes we labored. CHWC puts these elements together and the result is an great, experience founded on Christ.

We SFA-ers were the first parish to arrive on Sunday. We were immediately greeted by CHWC staff whooping it up and recording it all on video tape. The excitement is contagious; before we knew it, all of us SFA campers (adults included) were doing the Robot Dance, with the ensuing hilarity being recored for all posterity.

Next came the long trek to our sleeping quarters. This is always a CHWC moment of suspense. Campers sleep on air mattresses or in sleeping bags on the floor. Sockets are major issue – fans and phones.

We walked first through St. Polyvarp hallway and then to another wing and then to our room. Workcamp Heaven! Large, lots of sockets; only one other parish. Ahhhhh!!!!!!

The first program took place Sunday evening. Program is an essential part of CHWC. It consists of a series of skits and talks (and announcements!) designed to excite teens, draw them out, and to show how Christ addresses the concerns that they likely face. Lotsa movement, lotsa music, and lotsa excitement.


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