Over the weekend, I came across a new website that you should check out.  It’s called  It consists of 302 questions about the faith.  The official answer is provided by a priest.  For adults, there is a short video explanation of each by Francis Cardinal Arinze.  For kids, there is a short video explanation from Sr. John Marie Vianney.  In addition, there are links to excerpts from official teaching documents discussing an aspect of the question.  These are generally well-selected. Finally, there is a section with questions linking the doctrinal point to worship and living and finally a section of questions of ponder.

This description does not do justice to the visually pleasing presentation and ease of use.  The only part that mars the site is that the person interviewing Cardinal Arinze is not a professional interviewer and tends toward doom and gloom Catholicism.  Cardinal Arinze’s remarks can and should be taken on their own so the quality of the interview is less important.  One other point.  At the beginning, Cardinal Arinze reads the answers and provides little fresh insight beyond the answers.  This changes later on when the questions become less foundational.

Overall, this is a good resource for personal or family study.  Check it out here.


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