What The Ascension Tells Us About Heaven

The Ascension tells us that Heaven is at least three dimensional.  How do we know that?  We know for certain that Christ’s body ascended and is now “seated at the right hand of the Father,” i.e., is in Heaven.  Christ’s body was three-dimensional and remains three-dimensional.  It follows that there must be at least three dimensions in Heaven.

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2 Responses

  1. I once heard someone explain how since Christ was able to move “through” wals, that heaven is a higher dimesional entity. Worth a thought.

    • I think that may be true. Have you ever read Flatland? Those two dimensional creatures could not conceive of a three-dimensional existence, except perhaps mathematically. Similarly, we can’t experience a poly-dimensional existence (if there is one). But assuming more dimensions clarifies plenty of mysteries of the faith.

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