Palm Sunday — Spirit Juice

Here is a new one from Spirit Juice — Palm Sunday.    Here is the synopsis:  “Brothers Julio and Marvin become restless during the reading of the Passion, and begin playfully slapping one another with palms they received upon their visit to church. Unsurprisingly, their mother is not amused with their behavior. After a brief scolding, the two simmer down only for a moment before they agree to a wager with one another: who can shout “crucify him” the loudest. Once arranged, the younger of the brothers gets overwhelmed by the experience.”  It is well done and worth watching:



A Pregnant Teen Contemplates Abortion

I picked up the following video at the National Catholic Register via another blog, Creative Minority Report.  What struck me is the different response in Texas and New Jersey.   Also, as the video noted, no men helped.  None.  What would you do? More importantly, how would you do it?  It is food for thought.

The best place to see it is here:  Pregnant Teen Contemplates Abortion.