Person to Person: When You Meet This Person Will You Be Able To Help?

“I’m told I don’t belong. That message comes from both outside and inside of me. If there’s one clear thing I hear from the Church these days, it’s that having an abortion makes me an outsider. But I want to attend to what I feel and to tell someone how I feel. Is there a place to begin healing without being judged?”

“What if I’m a male partner of a woman who had an abortion. I have a need to deal with this personally and spiritually? Can you help me do this?”

“What if someone I know and love had an abortion. I have lots of confused feelings about this. Can you help me sort this out?”

(As with the earlier post of this kind, it comes from the Once Catholic website and is a composite.)

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One Response

  1. Having an abortion is such a traumatic event in a person’s life that I doubt if I can help much except by being there. I would help direct the individual to someone for whom this is a minitry-apostolate area, perhaps with links to Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries, . My wife and I would continue to be there as confidants.

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