How To Teach Your Kids To Pray And To Love The Bible

As parents, we are called to be the primary teachers of the faith to our children. Why? Because God wants them to go to Heaven and we want what God wants. Here’s an idea for teaching your kids to reverence the Bible. Over at Everyday Catholic, Judith Dunlap offered this nugget:

There is a tradition of prayer in our Church called Lectio Divina (“holy reading”) that includes practiced silence. It involves four steps: reading (usually from Scripture), meditating (thinking about or placing yourself in the story), contemplation (sitting in silence with a word or passage) and prayer (telling God what the reading meant to you). Small groups and individuals practice this ancient prayer form in monasteries and homes. It can be a great way to pray together as a family.

Gather the family and read a story from Jesus’ life. Ask youngsters how they might feel if they were one of the people involved. (Make sure you talk about how you would have felt too.) Pick out a word or two. Tell your children to sit quietly and repeat the word in their heads—not thinking about the word, just repeating it. After a minute, ask everyone to say a short prayer out loud.

Notice how this approach helps teach mental prayer? If they start practicing early, they are more likely to have the skill later on and have a deeper, richer prayer life as a result. They will also learn the habit of applying what they hear to their lives. Try and see if it works for you and let us know in the comments.


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