5 Steps To Better Prayer

Prayer is one of those activities that the better you get, the worse you think you are. That doesn’t mean we can’t expand our capacity for entering into God’s life through prayer. Here’re some ideas of how.

  1. Go to Confession.  Go regularly.


All power in prayer comes from sanctifying grace.  When you are absolved of your sins, sanctifying grace abounds and the other sacraments are all the more powerful.  You need grace for effective prayer.

2.  Before you begin, become aware of God’s presence.

Recall to Whom you are praying.  Recall His power and majesty.  Recall His Love. Recall Who it is that you are approaching.  Recall what a privilege it is to be able to approach Him, even though you have exactly nothing to offer Him.

3.  Practice praying silently.

Silent prayer takes focus and concentration.  There is a time for vocal prayer, e.g., Mass.  Unlike vocal prayer, silent prayer focuses your attention and energy on Him.  You will be able to do better as you practice.

4.  Pick a time and a length. Pray then without fail.

The focus needed for silent prayer becomes easier over time.  In the beginning, pick a set amount of time, say 5 minutes.  Pray that long without fail.  Also, pick a place and make into sacred space.  Pray there.  This will help you make it a habit.

5.  Don’t focus on distractions, focus on Christ.

We all get distracted.  Ask your Guardian Angel for help.  That’s his job. You will get it.  Some people have a tendency to focus on the distractions. Focus instead on Christ. Ask for the grace to see only Jesus.