The Crucifixion And Resurrection Of The Son Of God — St. John 18:1-21:25

On Saturday, the Church Guys begin our study of the final “book” of St. John’s Gospel. In it, St. John tells of the crucifixion and resurrection of our Lord. Even though we know He freely accepted that death, it is still hard to read about someone you love being tortured and killed.

In John 18, it begins. This time the temple authorities get help from the Romans. They arrest Jesus, “try” Him, and bring Him to Pilate. Before, they were totally impotent. Now, they seem to be ‘succeeding.’ Yet, Christ shows that they are still impotent. They hurl the worst tortures they can imagine. They beat him mercilessly. In the end, He triumphs.

Come join us in following the final earthly steps of our Lord on Saturday at 7:30 A.M. at St. Francis’ Youth Room.


Habemus Victor!

“I am ready to fly this plane now!”

The just judge of my household has spoken. Reed Dunlap will be the proud possessor of beautiful handmade Rosary. All the Church Guys devoutly hope that he will use it!