Hebrew Catholics?

Can a person be both “Hebrew” and “Catholic” and, if so, what would that person’s faith look like? Would he or she bring new and interesting insights into the truths of our faith? The Association of Hebrew Catholics answers the first question with a firm yes and give us a picture of what the practice of that faith looks like.

According to its website (linked above), “the AHC is a voluntary association of Catholics of both Jewish and non-Jewish origins.” It “seeks to help preserve the corporate identity and heritage of the People Israel within the Church. By gathering the Jews who have entered the Church, we hope to help them rekindle and live out their collective vocation, giving corporate witness to Jesus, the Messiah of Israel and His Church. We hope, as well, to help the Church prepare for the day when the Lord will gather and unite all peoples to Himself, hastening the day when all Israel will proclaim “Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord.”

Their website contains some fascinating material. My favorite item is the prayers of the Rosary in Hebrew. For example, this is the Hail Mary:

Shalom lakh Miryam habtulah hakdoshah m’leah
khesed. Elohim imekh. At m’vorekhet beyn kol
hanashim u’pri betenekh, Yeshua m’vorakh.

Miryam hakdoshah, eym Ha’Elohim, tiptalli
bishvileynu akshav u’bsha’ah hamavteynu.


The other prayers are there, too.

Visiting the AHC website would also be valuable because of the resources it provides about Catholic-Jewish relations. St. John’s Gospel has many particularly challenging passages in this respect; the Gospel is even more theologically challenging as Christ reinterprets Jewish liturgical practice in light of Himself. AHC brings together resources for working through what has been a long and terrible history. It is definitely worth taking some time to check AHC out.