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When The Holy Spirit Came To Sugarloaf Mountain

Sermon on the Mount – 2010

Among the leaves, among the rocks, among the gnats, something special happened. 17 guys hiked up a steep, rocky hill, and participated in a miracle. Christ really and truly came to them. Spontaneously singing “One Bread, One Body,” they did become one body with one spirit in Christ. This was the Sermon on the Mount 2010.

The St. Francis Men of Emmaus (a.k.a. the Church Guys) joined our brothers from St. Martin’s this morning for a beautiful morning Mass at the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain. The sky was overcast. The clouds threatened rain. The trek was steep. The stairs uneven. It was worth it.

At the top of the mountain, Fr. Avellino has transformed a card table into an altar. His white vestments contrast sharply with the dingy sky. Vincent’s surplice is brilliantly white; his cassock, coal black. Around them and the altar stand 15 guys, linked by a common love for Christ and desiring only to bow down in worship then and there, on that beautiful mountain.

Fr. Avellino is speaking of holiness, of freedom, and of mission. He calls us to seek holiness not for ourselves, but for Christ. He speaks of freeing ourselves from all that keeps us from Christ; from all that keeps us from the mission given to each of us from the beginning of time; and of attracting others to Christ by living in the freedom and joy that only Christ gives. He tells us about a Church, born on Pentecost never to die.

Then he turns to the altar.

He takes bread, blesses it, and, by the power of the Holy Spirit, the bread becomes Christ Himself. For that moment, Christ is really truly with us, among the leaves, among the rocks, among the gnats. By the power of the same Spirit, what had been wine, becomes His Precious Blood, the blood He shed on a very different hill a very long time ago. And then Christ gives Himself to us, holding nothing back. And, just for a moment, the world stopped for 17 guys on a hill.

This was – no, is – the Sermon on the Mount 2010.

© Wendel Hall 2010

Have Fun, Raise Money, Help The Least Among Us

Please join Chevy’s and St. Francis of Assisi teenz at a fundraiser for summer workcamp!!!!!!!!!!

Invite all your friends and family to dine with you at Chevy’s and the restaurant will donate 25% of the proceeds to SFA teens going to work for the least among us for a week this summer!

Date: May 25, 2010

Time: 4:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M.

Location: Chevy’s on Clopper Road

Be there or be square!





© 2010 wendel hall